Meet the Team

Meet the Team

Marta Alvarez 


“My name is Marta Alvarez and I am the founder and director here at Spanish Connection.

I am originally from Madrid, but I earned my Bachelor’s degree in International Affairs at NYU in New York City and my Master’s degree in Education with a focus on Spanish as a second language from Goldsmiths, University of London.

After moving to London, I started teaching and really enjoyed the experience. I then decided to start a School of Spanish and created Spanish Connection in 2003, and since then it has grown tremendously; we now have three administrators, including myself, over ten teachers (we update this page with some of their profiles for you to read about them) and over 250 students.

As of 2015, I have over thirteen years of experience as a teacher of Spanish as a second language.”

A short biography of our team is available by clicking on their name, should you ever wish to review it.


"Hi! My name is Andrea and I have been part of the Spanish Connection Team for over two years now. I am a very open-minded person with good communication skills. Interaction with people is my key strength and passion. My studies in languages are driven by a deep interest in building relationships and interacting with people, especially in active and intercultural environments.

I studied English Literature and Linguistics in Madrid for 5 years and I complemented it with a Masters in Education. After living in Belgium and Ireland, where I taught both English and Spanish, I arrived in London to work as an intern for Spanish Connection. I loved every bit of the philosophy of the school, the way they implement the Communicative Approach in the lessons and I developed many skills to teach Spanish as a second language to adults and children.

As an intern, I was also trained in the administrative part of the company. The administrative tasks include the organisation of the classes and schedules, communication with clients and contact with teachers.

Nowadays, I combine my work as the person responsible of the administration and enrolments with my lessons of English.”

“My name is Marta, I am an energetic and enthusiastic Spanish native from Madrid with fluent English and have been living in London since 2009. I hold a BA in Advertising and PR, an internationally recognised certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (CLTA) and a qualification in Supporting Teaching and Learning in Schools. I have a full DBS certificate available.

I am passionate about children’s and adults’ education, and modern foreign languages, and I love teaching students about different aspects of Spanish language and culture in a creative and engaging manner. In my opinion the key point is to learn while having fun. I have experience teaching both group and one to one classes to adults and children at all levels from complete beginner to advanced, and currently work at ICS International Community School.”

Hi! My name is Judith and I have been part of the Spanish Connection Team since April 2016.

After studying Management Science, I worked in a variety of professional roles in human resources and training in local government and the NHS. During this time I organised training programmes and tutored on a variety of training courses for managers and staff.

I now enjoy using my administrative skills to support Spanish Connection in the organisation of the classes and schedules, communication with clients and contact with teachers.


Hi! My name is Angela Signes and I am from Teulada, a beautiful village in the coast of Alicante, where the Mediterranean sea waves

I have a degree in English Studies, a master's degree of Secondary Education and the Certificate of Teacher of Spanish as a foreign language from Instituto Cervantes. I realy love languages and I find it amazing to be able to communicate and express myself in different languages while meeting new people and discovering new cultures. I believe in communicative, fun and dynamic lessons in order to create a nice atmosphere while not only learning Spanish, but also going through new boundaries and discovering yourself.

I am looking forward to meeting and, especially, teaching you! Angela.

“Hi! My name is Alicia and I am from a small town in Andalucía, the south of Spain.

I have a degree in Administration and two different degrees in Tourism. I have gained experience and continue to develop my teaching skills with Spanish Connection, as well as undertaking further related studies.

I decided to move to London in 2012 to improve my English and because I love the city and its multiculturality. I love languages, travelling and meeting people from different cultures. I believe languages are very important to understand the culture and all the aspects of a country.

I am looking forward to meeting and teaching you!"

“Hi! Mi name is Anabel and I'm from Punta Umbría, a coastal town in the south of Spain.

I studied at the University of Huelva and received a graduate degree in Hispanic Philology. I'm really passionate about linguistics and literature.

I have also worked as a volunteer teacher for the Red Cross in Spain and I really loved it. Currently, I am working in London and I've decided to join Spanish Connection because I really enjoy teaching Spanish and meeting people from different cultures.”

"Hi everyone!

My name is Belinda and I am an enthusiastic Spanish teacher born in Toledo, central Spain. My academic background includes a degree in Arts and a master's in Education and another in Spanish as a Foreign Language. As for my experience, I have mainly worked in the field of teaching :) My students have ranged from little kids to adults and they were both from Spain as well as from other countries, including UK.

My passion for Education, Linguistics, cultures and especially language teaching and travelling brought me to London. It is a city whose multiculturality, variety and dynamism turn the place into a great venue to learn a foreign language and also to teach : )

And just to finish this short introduction I just want to add that I am looking forward to teaching you as well as learning from you! Cheers!"

My name is Anna and I was born in Barcelona, Spain. I studied the Psychology degree in the University of Barcelona and later I completed a Master in Education.

I am enthusiastic and passionate about teaching. I worked in a secondary school as a Spanish teacher and doing private classes to children and adults. I decided to move to London to continue learning and improving my teaching skills. And I obtained the Graduate Certificate of Spanish Language Teaching for Adults from Instituto Cervantes and Roehampton University.

I like to plan and organize my sessions in a variety of learning and creative activities, enjoying the process and learning the new language in the most effective way as possible.

I am looking forward to meeting and teaching you!

"Hi everyone! I am Iria and I am Galician. To those who are not familiar with Galicia, I would say it is a paradise located on the northwest corner of Iberian Peninsula. The passion for teaching manifested itself in me at an early age. It influenced me to make an easy decision, to begin my first higher degree in Spanish and Galician Philology. After this amazing accomplishment I decided to pursue my study as an Erasmus in Portugal, where I started my second degree in Portuguese Philology. All the hard work I willingly put in has then been rewarded. I acquired a Master Degree in Secondary Education Teaching and immediately started working as a Secondary School language teacher.

I resided in London almost three years ago where I have been captivated by its way of life and multiculturalism as significant factors in a teaching environment. This allows personal and teaching developments. As a teacher, I would say that one of the most rewarding experiences is to see the students improving and enjoying simultaneously. In my opinion, this feeling is the best satisfaction for a teacher who is really excited about her job."

My name is Julio, I am an empathetic and enthusiastic Spanish native from Córdoba with an endless passion for teaching Spanish. I studied English Philology and I hold a Master’s Degree in Teaching Skills, as well as a recognised certificate in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. I also have considerable experience teaching Spanish at different levels and contexts.

I am passionate about ensuring positive learning experiences for people. In order for students to learn, they need to feel comfortable and encouraged, and that is the atmosphere I always seek to establish during my lessons.

Language learning is a continuous process and, for this reason, I believe it is key for students to progress over time by building their skills through the use of scaffolding and recycling of prior knowledge. Similarly, in the world we live in today, ICT skills are essential in order to become successful members of society. For language learning, they are particularly beneficial and this is the reason why I love to include them in my lessons.

I am looking forward to meeting and teaching you. ¡Hasta pronto!

Hi! My name is Marta, I am from Barcelona, a beautiful town off the Mediterranean coast, east of Spain. I also lived in the south of France, in Montpellier. I am very passionate about languages and teaching them. I have a degree in Languages and Literature (bilingual itinerary: French and Italian), a Master's Degree in teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language and I am an examiner of DELE (levels B1-B2).

I have worked as a Spanish and French teacher. My Spanish and English are proficient and have been developed working as a hostess in Fairs, such as the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

I am currently based in London because I love the city and I think that working in the United Kingdom will be a great experience. I look forward to meeting and teaching you soon at Spanish Connection.


My name is Paloma, originally born in Madrid, I grew up in Valladolid in the center of Spain, the city where Philip II the only king of Spain who was also king of England was born in the XVI century. This city has the reputation of speaking the best and purest Castilian of Spain.

I have a BA in History and a PGDE as well as a PGD in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language. My passion for History reflects what I try to incorporate in my lesson plans, and all my students end up learning some of the History as well. I have had students of all ages, levels and nationalities. I have strong experience with GCSE and A levels, private tutoring as well as in schools, but also teaching Spanish as a foreign language from complete beginners’ level to more advanced students improving their fluency.

I have been living in London for over five years now, and lived in the US many years ago. Considering myself a citizen of the world, I am fascinated with this multicultural city where everybody feels at home.

I have learnt so much from my students, that I couldn’t be happier teaching my language and culture and finding similarities and differences with my students’.

I look forward to accompanying you in this adventure of learning Spanish language and culture."

“HOLA A TODOS my name is Carmen Ruiz I am from Seville (Andalusia). I studied Communication and Public Relations in the city of Malaga. After I graduated I went to South East Asia to work as a Spanish teacher.

In Singapore I found my interest for other cultures and races. That was the time when I discovered how much I love teaching.

I enjoy the classes a lot and more when the students do so too.

I hope to see you soon in my next class! Enjoy!"

"¡Hola! I'm Sara, I come from Mallorca, a beautiful island in the Mediterranean where the sun is always shining. Now is when people would ask me ''Coming from Mallorca, why are you in London?''. The reason is simple as I have always wanted to live in this cosmopolitan city. I came in 2013 when I finished my degree in Primary Education. Currently, I'm studying my degree in English Language.

I work as a Spanish Teacher in a Primary School and I teach students from A-levels, GCSE and adults. Teaching Spanish in London is very interesting as it is a multi-cultural city where, while I teach Spanish, I am also learning new things from other cultures and languages. As you can see, I am passionate about teaching and learning languages. I want my students to really enjoy the lessons and feel in a happy atmosphere where they can express themselves.

Nos vemos en Spanish Connection, ¡hasta la vista!"

"Hola a todos!!

My name is Conchi and I was born in Guarena, Spain. I have obtained my QTS primary teacher degree from the University of Extremadura and later completed a Master Programme in Child Psychology at the University of Huelva. I am also a MFL Spanish teacher who has been living in London for the last 5 years.

I am an enthusiastic and energetic person (really organised too). I worked in primary school, after-school clubs, nurseries and as a private tutor for adults. I moved to London in order to learn from its multi-culturality and I fell in love with this city that I can't leave now. I like to plan and organise my lessons in a creative and enjoyable way to make sure that my students learn while having fun.

Nos vemos in the class!!"

Hi, everyone! My name is Giuseppe (Pepe).

After getting my B.A. degree in Interpreting and Translation, I obtained an Italian Certificate in Language Teaching to Adults (CTLA). Furthermore, in order to deepen my confidence and expertise, I attained a Postgraduate Certificate in Language Teaching specialising in Spanish language and literature.

Over the past six years, I have gained experience in teaching languages on different levels, in diverse environments and to various age ranges, children and adults, both to individual students and groups. I firmly believe that acquiring new language skills is a means of enriching communication among different cultures and reinforcing one's independence and self-esteem.

My goal at Spanish Connection will be to motivate and inspire others, as well as myself, to succeed. I genuinely look forward to it!

Hi! Mi name is Carlos and I'm from Sevilla, a very beautiful and warm city in the south of Spain.

As I love the English language I decided to move to the U.K. where I have lived for many years. London is a wonderful city and I plan to stay here forever. My qualifications related to languages and teaching are:

  • Certificate of Proficiency in English (University of Cambridge).
  • Certificate of Advanced English (University of Cambridge)
  • Certificate of English for Business (London Chamber of Commerce).
  • Course in Teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language (International House).
I am also passionate about music (baroque and classical), playing the piano, singing in a choir, architecture, paintings and arts in general. I have worked teaching Spanish and English for many years and I look forward to meeting and helping you with your Spanish.

"Hola a todos!!

Hello, I am Veronica - a bilingual Spanish-English expat. I have a Degree in Translation and Interpreting backed up by a wealth of experience in language teaching and translation. I have been in the UK for a year and a half after having lived in France and Denmark. I am really looking forward to teaching you at Spanish Connection."

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