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"Due to our imminent travel to South America we do not intend to book any more lessons before we leave the UK but have enjoyed our lessons with Gala very much and would highly recommend Spanish Connection to others."
Ami and Peter
1:1 lessons, November 2017
"Hi, my husband and I are really enjoying the classes. The teacher is absolutely fantastic, very motivating and makes it very interesting for us."
Group Class/Finchley Road/ November 2017
"First class!"
1:1 lessons/Bank/November 2017
"Great lessons, I'm likely to sign up for the next term as well."
Group Class/Regent Street/November 2017
"I like the small group atmosphere and the teacher is friendly, creative and flexible."
Group Class/Finchley Road/November 2017
“Just wanted to say today's lesson was amazing. Jordi is an excellent teacher. It was a fast-paced lesson, we did lots of speaking and I learnt a lot."
Group lessons at Bank September 2017
“I would like to thank Julio for his excellent teaching, and would like to let him know how much I have enjoyed his lessons."
Group lessons at Bank September 2017
“Hi Marta,
Thanks so much for following up. To put it simply - I loved yesterday's class! It was a stretch, but that's exactly what I want and felt I learned loads.
Very keen to go to next Tuesday's class if Gala will have me. Cheers!"
Group Lessons at Bank Location
“I was very happy with the last class. Conchi brings a high level of energy to the class and stimulates discussion amongst the students. The most important part is of course speaking Spanish and Conchi focuses on this.”
Brian, Group lessons at Regent Street
“Pleased to say Shanise is enjoying the course very much indeed!"
Judith, 1:1 lessons at Bank
“Thank you very much. You are a wonderful teacher, Sara, and such a lovely person!"
Felicity, Group lessons at Bank
“We had such a great lesson with Gala – her teaching style is suited to us and she really took the time to listen to what we wanted to get out of the lessons and to understand how we feel and how to get the most out of it."
Phoebe, Group tuition - out of premises
“Since starting my lessons with Conchi, my Spanish has improved considerably! From the very first lesson I started to learn very rapidly!
Conchi always explains things in a way that is both clear and easy to understand and always makes sure to give you time to absorb what you are learning.
Every topic is explained clearly and presented in an enthusiastic and dynamic way. There is always a positive atmosphere during the lessons. Also, when giving feedback, Conchi is always positive and constructive.
I really enjoy my lessons with Conchi. From my personal experience, Conchi is the best Spanish tutor!"
Mark (1:1 tuition at Bank)
"My son is very happy with his lessons with Marta. He seems to be learning quite a lot in a fun way, which is really good.
I would be happy to recommend Spanish Connection to anyone."
Children's Classes at Finchley Road
“I am really enjoying the classes with Marta. She explains the subject clearly and when it's more complicated, she explains in English.
The material is varied and engaging and the lessons are enjoyable and motivating. Overall it has been enjoyable and looking forward to continuing."
Group Lessons at Regent Street
“Hola Judith,
I have attended one class so far, with Veronica, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. The teaching style was great - fast paced so that we covered a variety of things, but she also gave time for explanations.
I love that the classes are so small. I found the material to be very interesting and I enjoy learning about the Spanish and South American culture through the text books."
Group Lessons at Bank
"The first two lessons have gone very well, and I am happy with the level of progress we have made. I look forward to the next two lessons."
1:1 lessons at Finchley Road
“10/10 rating for lessons."
Group lessons at Bank
“The teacher (Anabel, intern teacher) was excellent - engaging, engaged and providing clear direction. It was a speaking class and the exercises were creative and fun."
1:1 lesson
"Veronica is simply amazing. The lessons are very varied, always with some writing, listening, speaking and grammar. Plus, she adds interesting cultural aspects of the Spanish world. She is energetic and involves everyone."
Group lessons at Bank
“I would really like to keep Cristina as a teacher - she is really excellent."
Group Tuition at the Regent Street Office
“I was very pleased with Rafa who took tonight's class."
Group Tuition at the Bank Office
"I wanted to express my gratitude and satisfaction for the A2 classes that I've attended so far, they are well organised and our teacher (Bea) is great!"
Group tuition at the Bank Office
“Rafa seemed a good teacher and I'd be happy if he was to be the permanent replacement."
Group tuition at the Bank Office
“I’ve really enjoyed Rafa’s lessons so far. The classes have been fun."
Group tuition Regent street
"The teacher [Belinda] is great."
Out of premises, individual tuition
“Yes, definitely! I enjoyed the class! Jessica is a really good teacher. Every explanation and the material she provides is of interest and informative. Jessica is a motivating teacher. It was nice to be taught by her. She was able to highlight the mistakes we made in a positive way. She is an influencing teacher. I liked her a lot."
Group lessons at the Bank Office
“Rafa is an engaging teacher and pushes you in a good way to participate in class. He does not finish [explanations] until everything is clear and understood. Is she a motivating teacher? Yes, 100%!"
Group tuition at the Bank Office
"I’ve very much enjoyed my classes over the past couple of months. Many thanks!"
Private tuition - Finchley Road
“I am very happy with my lessons so far."
Private tuition, Bank location

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