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Sara's teaching style is very enjoyable. Her explanations are always clear, she's always happy to repeat anything if we don't understand, she's very patient and happy to go along at the pace of the group.

Sara is a very motivating teacher, the classes are relaxed and can be more like a conversation as opposed to a strict classroom dynamic. Overall I'm very happy with Sara's teaching style and always look forward to attending her lessons!

Group lessons at Bank
I enjoyed my classes with Angela immensely - she's great.

Intensive lessons at Bank 
Belinda is an excellent teacher.

Group tuition at Bank
Dear Judith,

Thank you, I did [enjoy the lessons]! Carlos is an excellent teacher with a great ability to adapt to the student’s needs.

1:1 tuition Out of Premises with Carlos
Hi Judith,

Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with Julio as our teacher. Very much enjoyed the first lesson!

Group tuition at Bank
Hi Marta,

Adam is really looking forward to his second lesson this evening - so much so that I was wondering if it would be possible to also book a block of one-to-one lessons at Finchley Road for myself!

1:1 tuition Finchley Road location 
Hi Marta

I had a very good lesson with Marta this morning.
Some good conversations; remembering and learning new vocabulary.

With many thanks
1:1 tuition with Marta Padró at the Finchley Road location
I've really enjoyed my classes with Carmen she's a great teacher - I highly recommend her.
1:1 Tuition Regent Street location
Dear Judith,
Thank you for your email and hope you've had a good break. The girls have enjoyed the classes very much and have showed an amazing progress.
They are frequently in London so I will aim to book them classes whenever they are here. We have had such a good experience with Spanish connection and we intend to recommend it to friends!
2:1 Children programme - Finchley road location
I attended two classes with Carmen and she was amazing, I liked her because out class was mainly based on conversation and that was what I was looking for.
Bank location - group
Thank you again to you and Marta for your help sorting my lessons out; it has been wonderful having a refresher with Jessica.
Group tuition Bank location
I Just wanted to pass on a bit of feedback regarding Belinda, our teacher that covered for Nuria. She was very professional and knowledgeable and I really enjoyed the classes with her. She made the class very interactive and there was a good mix of everything (grammar, speaking, vocabulary etc).

Group tuition Bank location
Marta this is just to tell you that I was very pleased with the conversation class that I had on Wednesday and that the teacher, Anna, was excellent.

Have a good day
Conversation lessons – Regent street location
Marta, this is just to tell you that I was very pleased with the conversation class that I had on Wednesday and that the teacher (Nuria Ruiz) was excellent. 
Have a good day!
Conversation lessons at the Bank location
James's initial feedback regarding Almudena was that "she is great", "she is really lovely" and he feels he will learn a lot from her.
Many thanks!
Lynda (mom of James)
Individual tuition at the Bank location

Speaking as someone who has probably had about 20 different Spanish teachers in my life, Ana is undoubtedly one of the best. She has thoughtful lesson plans that she explains very clearly and the material is always easy to follow and the right level of challenging. She has a really fun and engaging manner in the classroom with lots of laughter - she is definitely a motivating teacher. As a former teacher myself, I would also say that she's dealt with a difficult student in the class really well to prevent this from becoming a problem. Overall I would rate the classes as 10/10 so far - I hope she stays for a long time! 
Group Tuition at the Bank location
Dear Andrea 
I really enjoyed my first class with Jessica. As it was our first session together, the focus was on conversation (so that Jessica could assess my level and areas of improvement). I found her friendly, engaging, patient and easy to understand, and I'm looking forward to continuing my lessons with her.
 1:1 tuition at the Bank location
The course is going well, Anna is explaining complicated areas very clearly.  

The challenge is following everything said as the talking is at a natural Spanish pace. This is ideal as the main reason for my joining the course is to improve my speaking and listening skills. The course is challenging and I think it is set at an ideal level for me to develop. 
 I would rate it very highly. 
Group Tuition at the Bank location
Yes, definitely! I enjoyed the class! Jessica is a really good teacher. Every explanation she gives and the material she provides is of interest and informative. Jessica is a motivating teacher. It was nice to be taught by her. She was able to highlight the mistakes we made in a positive way. She is an influencing teacher. I liked her a lot.
Group lessons at the Bank Office
Rafa is an engaging teacher and pushes you in a good way to participate in class. He does not finish [explanations] until everything is clear and understood.
Is he a motivating teacher? Yes, 100%!
Group Tuition at the Bank Office
I’ve very much enjoyed my classes over the past couple of months.
Many thanks
Private tuition - Finchley Road
I am very happy with my lessons so far!
Private tuition Bank location
I’ve really enjoyed Rafa’s lessons so far. The classes have been fun.
Group tuition Regent street
The teacher [Belinda] is great.
Out of premises individual tuition
Hi Marta! I just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying my Spanish lessons and that Carlota is a fantastic teacher! I look forward to continuing my lessons with her! Thanks again.
Individual Tuition at the Regent Street office
I had my first class of Semester 2 yesterday and had a great time with some idiomatic learning and video support, I think Cristina is a great teacher.
Group Tuition Bank location
Laura was amazing she was extremely helpful, 5 stars for sure and I would love to enroll into some more lessons.
Intensive Tuition at the Regent Street office.
Elvira was really great.
Individual Tuition Regent Street location
Hi Marta,

I have to let you know that we are very happy with Ana's  classes. She is one of the best professors I ever worked with. She is open minded, very sensitive to students' level of understanding, using the best methods to help us memorise new words, and she has a great sense of humour.

I am very grateful that I got her as a teacher!
1:1 Out of Premises
My lesson with Almudena was very energetic, professional and interesting. She is a great teacher that knows how to engage with you to ensure you get the most from your lesson. She always speaks to you in Spanish, slowing down and translating whatever is there you don't understand.
1:1 at the SPC Bank location
Do you enjoy her teaching style?
Yes, she was very attentive and patient.
Were her explanations clear? 
Yes, very much so.
 Was the material she provided of interest and informative?
Is she a motivating teacher?
Yes, Marta was fun and kept the lesson interesting.
Group Tuition at the Bank location
I really enjoyed our lesson with Marta on Monday. 
  1. I liked her teaching style  very much.
  2. Her explanations were excellent.
  3. We mainly used the textbook and went over previous homework.
  4. I would say that Marta is a very motivating teacher. I would rate Marta very highly and I think students will learn very well with her.
Group Tuition at the Regent Street location
The [Children's] lessons are very well prepared.
Marta - Mom to a 4-year-old girl
in the Children's Programme at Finchley Road
Alejandro is the firm and kind hand of the professor I need to progress with writing and speaking. 
Individual tuition, Finchley Road
Alberto was a fantastic teacher: fun and rigorous at the same time. He easily adapted his lesson plan to what I wanted to focus on and I couldn't recommend him highly enough.
Cressida, Actress
Attending Intensive Lessons in Bank.
I felt huge satisfaction knowing how much I had improved! I would definitely recommend Spanish Connection.
Alexandra, property developer
Attending Individual Lessons with Carlot
Cristina is friendly, concise and encouraging. Her explanations are clear and she made sure we practiced with each other before moving onto the next section. There is a nice variation of exercises and activities. Cristina is motivating and helpful. I didn't feel embarrassed to ask questions or to go back and reaffirm earlier material.

I would rate my first lesson with Cristina 8/10. She created a relaxed and friendly environment in which to learn and the small class size ensured we all had the opportunity to contribute and make sure we understood what we had been learning.
Attending group lessons in Regent Street
The classes have been very engaging and Carlota is a great teacher. She explains really well. (And Alberto was great last week too). It would be good to have the class move along at a slightly quicker pace, it feels like we work on something for too long. I also like that we revise on previous material as we go along, it helps to see it regularly. 
Finchley Road Group Adult Programme
[the lesson] It was great. Adam really liked Carlos (as did I in the short time I was there). Adam thought Carlos was really well organised and found him very clear and inspiring. Thanks
(her son is preparing for GCSE)
Aquí tengo una recomendación para 'SpanishConnection'

"Spanish Connection is a great language school! The staff are very efficient with communication and extremely organised! I had the pleasure of experiencing teaching from both Bea and Ana who were two excellent teachers! They prepare their lessons according to what I needed most work on and were very patient with me, explaining everything in a fun, interactive way. These teachers were helping me prepare myself for my AS Level Spanish, which I eventually received an A in! (So thanks a ton!) I really enjoyed my year with Spanish Connection and I'm going to miss it very much! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who would like to learn Spanish, it's a great experience. ¡Suerte!"
Muchas gracias,
Shaina Ong
Finchley Road AS level preparation
I very much enjoy his style. He is patient and clear and interesting. I rate the lessons very highly (although I have only had two so far!)
Attending individual lessons with Alberto on Saturdays
Ana fue muy profesional y Rubén respondía a su forma de enseñanza.
Gracias por todo
Rebecca -Mum to a 7-year-old boy
Individual Lessons in her house
Carolota is amazing. I hope she stays with you for a long time.
Group tuition Regent Street
 Raquel is an excellent teacher and very popular with our girls. Thank you.
Claire - Mum to two girls
Children programme
I really enjoyed working with her (Beatriu)
Attending group lessons in Bank for False Beginners
I really enjoyed our last lesson with Almu,(Almudena) she is really prepared and I loved her style. She is really motivating and positive.I really enjoyed working with her (Beatriu)
Bank (Lombard Street) Group Adult Programme
I was very happy with the lesson today. I was surprised just how quickly the time passed. 
Attending Intensive Tuition with Anna in Regent Street
I had a good lesson with Almudena on Friday. She was well prepared and a good teacher. I particularly enjoyed the level of challenge and difficulty with the vocabulary compared to previous classes.
C1 Group Lessons in Finchley Road
He has only had 1 session on Tuesday, but he told me that he learnt as much as he had done in a whole year at school!!
Joanne - Mum to a 14 years old boy 
in GCSE preparation with teacher Raquel
We are both really enjoying our lessons with Alberto.
Saskia and William 
2 on 1 Tuition in Regent Street
Beatriu was lovely and explained the material really clearly.
Attending an A1 group in Bank
(Raquel's) style of teaching was really good. Explanation was clear and concise. Is she a motivating teacher? Definitely, I heard on numerous occasions Perfecto! Perfecto!
Attending an Absolute Beginners Class in Regent Street
 I would say that Arturo was excellent. He was clear, motivational and informative.
Attending an A1 group in Regent Street
I really enjoyed a class with Raquel as it was very dynamic, structured and addressed all the main areas (oral, grammar...). 
Intensive Saturday at a B1 level
She is very good, different style that I actually prefer, she talks to me in Spanish much more, motivates me, lessons are very interesting. I am very happy with her.
1 to 1 tuition with teacher Beatriu
I am enjoying my lessons with Marta, I found her teaching style to be great with the use of activites to help build my understanding. I have been studying at home for about a year and yet after just 2 lessons with Marta I finally feel like I understand conjuntion of regular verbs!
1 to 1 tuition in Regent Street
The lesson with Alberto went very well. He is a good teacher and he has a good teaching style and is very motivating. He has a very relaxed style of teaching and interacts with the students and corrects you without making you feel embarrassed.
Attending Group Tuition 
at a B1 level in our Bank location
I really enjoyed the first lesson, it was fun and interactive
Am looking forward to the next class
Attending an Absolute Beginners group in Regent Street
I will definitely be continuing my Spanish, it has been an incredible experience!
Attending an A1 group in Regent Street
We had a fun lesson with Raquel, she gave lots of interesting explanations.
It was quite a conversation-focused lesson, it was enjoyable to put to use a lot of the grammar/ structure we have learnt.
Attending a B2 group in Regent Street
I've been very impressed with the quality of the teaching
Attending Group Tuition 
at a B1 level in our Bank location
We had a fun lesson with Raquel, she gave lots of interesting explanations.
We are very pleased with Ella's progress! Ana is great and Ella is much more comfortable speaking Spanish now. Her pronunciation has improved as well. Thank you!
Mum to a 4 years old girl 
having Individual Lessons in her house
Many thanks for organising my one to one classes with Dafne. Who is a fantastic Teacher! I am looking forward to my next class.
Attending one to one lessons in Regent Street
The first lesson was fun. I am looking forward to more classes with her (Ana) The explanations we have had so far are clear and the material informative. I think the more interactive the better but we certainly had this on Monday.
2 on 1 classes in Regent Street
Personally, I was very impressed with Arturo. I liked his teaching style and appears very personable and friendly teacher which will help with motivation in learning. I enjoyed the lesson.
Attending Group Classes at an A2 level in Regent Street
Carlota was absolutely brilliant in the lesson. Like her teaching style, lesson was really clear and informative, and she as a teacher is very motivating.
A2 Group Lessons in Finchley Road
Do you enjoy Ana's teaching style? Absolutely - she has a great teaching style, she's very interactive and engaging
Attending 2-1 classes in Regent Street
The lesson with Raquel went really well, thank you for asking.
Absolute Beginner in a group in Regent Street
I very much enjoyed my lesson. I have never had one-to-one teaching before so I was unsure as what to expect and thought it may be a bit awkward. However, Marta was excellent and really put me at ease. She had clearly read my email and understood my requirements. The mix of grammar and conversation was great and the exercises pitched to my level.
Attending Individual Tuition in Finchley Road
Sam & I both thought our lesson with Carlota went very well. We found her very friendly, helpful & like her teaching style. Her explanations were clear & the information she provided was interesting & informative. She must be motivating as I studied for two hours yesterday & am determined to put in as much effort as possible. We're both looking forward to our lesson next Tuesday.
Attending 2 on 1 tuition in Regent Street
Stuart enjoyed Bea's teaching very much and found the lessons enjoyable, interesting and informative. He reported that each hour flew by, which is always a good sign of someone enjoying their learning.
Dad to a 10-year-old boy doing Intensive Tuition
I like it. The lesson went very quickly through maximising the conversation which was good. I'm looking forward to the next lesson.
Attending a Beginners Group in Bank with Elisa
"Belle really enjoyed her lesson with Arturo. She said he was very careful at explaining things to her. He insured he didn't translate for her when she was having difficultly, instead breaking the sentences down until she worked it out for herself. He had a gentle manner and took the lesson with confidence."
Janice -Mum to a 16-year-old girl 
doing A levels preparation
I think your school: Spanish Connection is very professional and very enjoyable. ELISA is an amazing teacher. She is full of energy that makes her students learn. All lessons are very interesting. ELISA knows how to make any task and lesson fun but at the same time productive. I'm sure all teachers are great at your school but I would always like to work with ELISA.

I hope to be fluent in Spanish in couple of years and I know Spanish connection is the best way to help me achieve my target.
Thank you
Attending Individual Tuition at Bank with Elisa
I liked the lesson and I'm happy that I've chosen to learn Spanish with Spanish Connection.
Antending B1 Group in Bank with Elisa
"All going well at our end and Elena comes out with Spanish phrases now!" 
Anna - Mum to a 17 years old student 
preparing the International Baccalaureate
"Thank you for this morning my kids thought Arturo was brilliant .
He had prepared such a great lesson and had got them a present ! So thoughtful!" 
Isabelle - Mum to two children (8 and 10 years old) 
having lessons in their house
"I was very happy with Carlota's teaching style and am confident of making good progress in her classes"
attending B1 Group Tuition
 The children enjoyed working with Arturo. In particular Isi commented that she liked how he used visual material to help her understand, with coloured paper and using different colour writing for different types of words. She is a very visual learner, which is perhaps why I think she finds it harder to learn languages than our other children. Arturo was able to identify this early and adapt his teaching style. 
Maria - Mum to three children (12, 14 and 16 years old) having Individual Tuition at Their Premises
Ana was great thanks ... I really liked her and felt I learnt quite a bit.
Attending Individual Lessons at Finchley Road location
I really enjoyed my first lesson with Ana. Her friendly manner put me at ease & I felt her teaching style very clear. Looking forward to lesson no2. "
Attending Intensive Individual Tuition 
at Finchley Road location
"They (Urszula and Annalisa) are both very happy with Carlota"
Lessons in a Private at their Company's Premises
My wife and I go to Spain more than once every year and are trying to visit all regions of the country. I also read Spanish newspapers, novels and poetry. Obviously being able to speak and understand Spanish is a tremendous help if not a necessity for these diversions.

I have been having one to one conversation classes with Spanish Connection teachers for six years. All of my teachers have been language graduates and it has been a great pleasure to learn with them, not only in speaking the language but also because of their insight into Spanish culture and literature.

I also improved my level of Spanish with an intensive three week course at their Regent Street office and this helped boost the level of my Spanish grammar.
Conversation lessons in the Finchley Road location
Elodie was very pleased with her first lesson with Ana. She looks forward to learn more about how to find and give directions with a map next Saturday.
Mum to a 11 years old girl attending individual lessons
During my previous experience with Bea, I've really appreciated the way she was very organised and it was always evident that she had spent a lot of time preparing, including familiarizing herself with the Edexcel exam board. She always had a clear lesson plan, specifically tailored to my needs.
16 years old girl attending GCSE individual tuition
Ana is very good and well presented.
attending group lessons at a B2 level
She (Ana) appears excellent!
Clair - Mum to two girls, 12 and 10 years old, 
attending children group tuition
During my previous experience with Bea, I've really appreciated the way she was very organised and it was always evident that she had spent a lot of time preparing, including familiarising herself with the Edexcel exam board. She always had a clear lesson plan, specifically tailored to my needs.
Shaina - 16-year-old girl 
attending GCSE individual tuition
I liked Elisa's teaching style. She is very enthusiastic!
Attending group tuition at a B2 level
I really enjoyed my lesson with Nuria today, she was a great teacher!
Reinforcement 1 to 1 class in Bank with teacher Nuria
The first lesson went well and my daughter told me that she enjoyed it. She was practicing her Spanish yesterday in fact!
Karina - Mum to a 5-year-old girl 
in 2 on 1 tuition with teacher Ana
The lessons went very well, thank you. I learned a lot!
Intensive Private tuition with teachers Marta and Agueda
 I was very pleased with Rafa who took tonight's class. Gracias.
Group Tuition at the Bank location
 I think Ana's style of reaching is very informative. Ana is always clear and makes sure the student understands well before moving on. I always understood what Ana was saying and I found the information helpful and the mixture or listening, reading and writing is very well balanced. 
Reinforcement Private lesson with teacher Ana
Please let Elena know that she is the most wonderful teacher.
Viviana - Mum to a 9-year-old girl 
attending a Bilingual Children Group
I have been very happy with Lucas. He is always well prepared and thoughtful about what we need to cover and very engaging.
2 on 1 tuition in Bank
Elisa has a really relaxed style - she waits for you to try to figure it out yourself before she tells you the answer, which I like - I think it's important that, instead of just memorising everything, you are able to think about your answer (which makes it feel more conversational). The materials provided were informative - we listened to a tape and watched a video. I think that worked well because it's good to listen and see how native speakers use the language and practise trying to understand it. Elisa is a motivating teacher - I'd really like to come this week (and for the rest of the term)!
Group Tuition in Bank
Elisa is very encouraging and gives the right amount of time for me to try and find words/form sentences before offering help. I think the lessons being taught mostly in Spanish is incredibly valuable: my GCSE classes were taught in English, and as a result I find myself learning the language far more quickly in Elisa’s class than I did at school.

I do [ ] feel comfortable but very motivated to practice and study in my spare time ahead of the next lesson so that I feel on par with the other student [ ] we encountered new words, Elisa was very clear in explaining them and writing things on the whiteboard to explain when appropriate. 

While the Spanish I learnt at school was predominantly in the first person, the material we learnt in the class seemed much more practical in developing a broad grasp of the language and emphasising strong conversational skills, which is exactly what I want to develop. [Elisa] was very patient when I struggled to find the right words in Spanish, and very positive when I got things right.

Overall, I think Elisa is a fantastic teacher and I am very excited for the lessons ahead.
Group tuition Bank location
I really enjoyed the lesson (with Bea) and actually found it helpful that she spoke in Spanish most of the time as it helps you to get used to it. She's very friendly and helps you to understand. 
Group tuition Regent Street Location
I am enjoying my lessons with (Bea). It is a particular situation as they are not really lessons but just conversation practice. I told Bea that it was what I needed and I am very happy that she does exactly just that. She is supportive and encouraging, so I am pleased. 
Conversation tuition Regent Street Location
.. Agueda (is) very organised and very professional, (My daughter) enjoyed her lesson very much.
About her daughter in the Children's Programme
I liked the lesson with Bea very much! She's very patient, explains well and it was fun to talk to somebody with a different accent - that's always helpful I find. Like real life! 
Group tuition Finchley Road Location
... I also found Elena to be excellent and enjoy my lessons with her.
Group Tuition Regent Street Location
Elena's class was fun and full of useful information; she was friendly and didn't go too fast or slow. We were mostly learning from the book and talking and I was engaged with the lesson and the homework.
Individual (reinforcement lesson) Regent Street Location
We enjoy our classes enormously. Lucas is an inspired teacher and we are having a lot of fun.
Individual tuition Regent Street Location
Bea is lovely, easy-going and patient. Her explanations are clear and she didn't rush me when I needed clarification. Bea is motivational and I am definitely learning something new in all of my classes, thank you. 
Group tuition Finchley Road Location
1. Did you enjoy your class with Bea?
"Yes, very much"
2. How do you find Bea's teaching style? 
3. Is the material she provided of interest and informative?
"A great start"
4. Is Bea a motivating teacher?
Group Tuition Finchley Road Location
I really enjoyed Elena's lesson; I loved her teaching style, she’s very dynamic and super nice; we watched a video and listened to a song. [The class was] very interesting ! Love it! She’s great and motivating.
Beginners Group in the Regent Street location
Lucas explained things to us slowly and/or in English when we needed and remained focused. I liked that he got us to read the questions out loud in Spanish first to ensure we understood each task. Lucas provided us with worksheets to help us learn more vocab in the workplace setting, and it was nice to have the additional material. He also showed us a funny Spanish video which made us feel comfortable at the start of the lesson, and reminded us/tested us on some phrases and vocab. He was really encouraging, praising when we got things right, and encouraging us when we didn't. Lucas was good at explaining/correcting us if needed; I didn't feel embarrassed if I didn't understand.
Beginners Group in the Regent Street location
I am very happy with Bea's classes! I really enjoy her classes, no problems understanding everything and she gives great explanations on grammar. I also like how the classes are structured with good materials and interaction. I give her 10 out of 10!
Chris Engineer 
B1 group tuition in Finchley Road (NW6)
Katie had her exam today and she just wanted to thank Bea very much for helping her enormously in terms of confidence and ability! She feels that she did the best she could have done; she used all the tenses she possibly could in the essay and she will let you know what grade she got when she receives the results.
(On behalf of her daughter for GCSE preparation)
I enjoy Elisa's teaching style, I think the lessons are fun. She is very clear with her explanations and, of all the teachers I have had, I learn quickest with Elisa. She is always willing to spend time on making sure I understand the content fully to support the learning. 

Also, Elisa's English is very good so for the moments where an explanation or comparison is required, she is more than capable of providing this. The material she provides is very interesting and informative, I like the games and can tell she spends a lot of time on it.

Overall she is the best teacher I have had, no negative only positive feedback.
John (IT Business Architect)
Individual tuition in Bank (Lombard Street)
I am really enjoying the lessons with Elisa. I feel much more confident in speaking than when I first started the course. Her teaching style is great. A good mix of learning new concepts and improving communication skills. Her explanations are clear, sometimes I am a bit slow to understand new concepts but Elisa always makes sure that I understand before we move on. The material is very useful and interesting through her use of practical exercises. I feel very comfortable in the lessons and all my questions are always answered without any problem. The size of the lessons are great and my confidence has grown enormously since starting the course.
Overall, I am very satisfied.

Francesca (Project Manager)
B1 Group lessons in Bank
I have learnt so much in my Spanish lessons with Spanish Connection! The classes are small and they have taken the time to find the level that is right for each of us, so we move along at the right pace. Our teacher is completely wonderful - she breaks the lessons down into new grammar and new scenarios, so it breaks down the grammar into more manageable chunks. We have ten minutes of conversation at the beginning of each lesson and that means we learn how to say things completely individual to us. The exercise books and CDs are great so we can learn a lot in between lessons too.
Naomi (Publisher)
A2 Group lessons in Regent Street
I have been learning Spanish with Spanish Connection for around three years, and I can now read Spanish books and newspapers, and watch Spanish TV. I find the quality of tuition with Spanish Connect excellent, and my tutor makes lessons fun and interesting. All the staff at Spanish Connection are friendly, and I look forward to my Spanish lessons each week.
Sean (Account Manager)
Individual lessons in Regent Street 
The fantastic lessons at Spanish Connection have made my love for Spain and Spanish holidays more enjoyable. Principal Marta is very special, you will love her kind nature and helpful approach. All native teachers are skilled professionals and lovely people. I had tried other schools and methods but never learnt from such fantastic teachers until I discovered Spanish Connection. I strongly recommend them!
Fumiko (Translator)
Individual lessons in Bank
I began taking one-to-one conversation classes with Spanish Connection about three years ago. I had attended an intensive three week Spanish course at the Escuela de Idiomas de Nerja and I was afraid that what I had learnt in three weeks I could easily forget in three weeks. But by attending conversation classes twice weekly for three years, I am now comfortable speaking Spanish. I still make mistakes and my vocabulary leaves a lot to be desired but I can get along pretty well in situations where Spanish is essential.

I am in just such a situation now. I’m in Oaxaca, Mexico, participating in the Oaxaca Film Festival. Most of the senior staff at the festival speak good English but many of the young volunteers do not and few people one meets in shops, bus stations or elsewhere here can speak no English at all.

Of course conversation classes on their own are not enough, if one wants to learn a language properly. Since my first intensive three week course, which was at elementary level, I’ve had a second three week course in Nerja and a third intensive course with Spanish Connection in London. My general level is now moving towards the higher end of intermediate but my spoken Spanish is much better than that.

In addition to my classes with Spanish connection, I also progress my level of Spanish by reading Spanish newspapers as well as novels and short stories by Spanish and Spanish-American writers in the original language and by watching Spanish language films.

All my teachers at Spanish Connection have been University Graduates, highly intelligent and interesting people in their own right. Our conversations have ranged over every topic you could think of and I have consequently learned a lot about Spanish culture, heritage, politics and attitudes to life. And I’ve had a lot of fun along the way.
Julian (Actor)
Conversation lessons in Finchley Road
[the lesson] It was great. Adam really liked Carlos (as did I in the short time I was there). Adam thought Carlos was really well organised and found him very clear and inspiring. Thanks
(her son is preparing for GCSE)
Judith, could I just say how great I think Belinda is. She is really fantastic.
Group Tuition Bank Location
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